Zesty Scoop cookbook is about alternative approaches to enjoy ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts. It’s a collection of frozen dressings and desserts to “zest up” paleo and AIP meals! Your palates will be pleasantly surprised by a firework of flavors, offered by frozen dressings!
Why did I write this cookbook? Through the Zesty Scoop cookbook I wanted to share one of my best-kept secrets: I use ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts as frozen dressings to add more flavor to my meals! Not all ices are suitable for that but a few tricks that I’ve applied helped me to create the ones that work. For example, I’ve developed an easy technique that makes it a breeze to convert different sauces and dressings into savory ice creams and frozen yogurts.
How did I come up with this idea? Well, I am French and, as you may know it, French people LOVE cheese! What does this have to do with the ice creams, you may wonder? Let me elaborate more on this subject! The beginning of the elimination diet was very challenging for me because I couldn’t eat cheese any more. It was a tough situation, because as a former cheese junkie I used to enjoy cheese daily, mostly with salads. Once on the autoimmune paleo diet and with fairly limited ingredients on hand, I wondered how to replace all the missing flavors. Since it wasn’t my first elimination diet (I was on a sugar-restricted diet for nearly 10 years) I’ve learned to be creative with foods. And thus, adding a scoop of sorbet to my salad on a hot summer day, although experimental, didn’t seem totally strange to me. This is when I first discovered this “zesty” combination and it was, as I realized it later, the beginning of my savory and sweet scoops that were destined to replace missing cheese in my salads.
Why did I release the ice cream specific cookbook in winter? Zesty Scoop cookbook may change your concept that ice creams and other frozen delights are supposed to be enjoyed in summertime only. After all, any season is the right season to enjoy frozen dressings!

What will you find in this book? Zesty Scoop cookbook consists of around 40 recipes, divided into three chapters: the basics, savory scoops and sweet scoops, with suggestions how to incorporate ices into your meals.The majority of recipes can be utilized as frozen dressings. There is also a number of savory and sweet scoops that can be enjoyed as desserts. During creation of my recipes I was focused on making them as nutrient dense as possible, by adding herbs, spices, healthy fats and even animal proteins (to some of the recipes). Of course, citrus zest is one of the main flavorings that I’ve used!

All recipes are free from grains, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, nightshades, refined oils and processed sugars. There are a few recipes that have mustard and egg yolks in them (as reintroduction), otherwise all the recipes are compliant with the elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol. Are you looking for ways to sneak in more vegetables for your kids to enjoy? You will be able to choose from many vegetable-based ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts. What about guilt-free sweet delights? You will find them too! In many recipes sweeteners are optional as I find that fruits are sweet enough.
Zesty Scoop cookbook also includes:
  • A few facts about how the paleo movement has started;
  • Brief introduction to the paleo autoimmune protocol (aka AIP) with foods to eat, foods to avoid and reintroduction phase;
  • Link between intestinal permeability and autoimmunity;
  • A word of caution about possible interactions of grapefruit and some other citruses with certain medications;
  • And more.

Some of my favorites you’ll find in this book are:

  • Avocado and Olive Oil Sorbet (one of the healthiest sorbets ever!);
  • Pesto Frozen Yogurt (with my easy technique to convert sauces into frozen yogurts);
  • Liver Pâté Ice Cream (add salad and carbs and you have a complete meal);
  • Bacon Ice Cream (savory ice cream that tastes like a treat);
  • Orange Beet Sorbet (tastes amazingly in salads!);
  • And many more!


Maria was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2003, she was in her late 20s. Shortly after being diagnosed she decided to take charge of her health, by learning how to function optimally with compromised immunity.

Maria has several educational backgrounds. Her designations include LPN, B.A. and CIIP. Her medical training includes 2 years of continuous education at Harvard Medical School and different courses taken through various centers for integrative medicine. Maria considers herself an educated patient, since she is capable of managing her condition on her own, by using the whole-body approach and by getting to the root cause of her disorder.

Maria lives in a suburb of Paris with her husband. Her hobbies include cooking, photography and nature walks.


"I am simply blown away by the creativity of Maria's recipes. Page after page of inventive frozen dishes, both savory and sweet, that you will enjoy making for yourself and serving to dinner guests with even the most refined tastes. Get your ice cream maker ready... once you have this book, you will be using it all the time!"
Jaime Hartman, NTP
Blogger behind Gutsy by Nature
"If you are ready for something entirely unique and totally inventive on your AIP journey, Zesty Scoop is the newest cookbook to get your hands on. Maria has created over 40 recipes for frozen scoops of goodness to energize your meals that range from sweet to savory and always include intense flavor. When we saw these recipes we were thinking two things, "This is so ingenious!" and "Zesty is an understatement!" Don't miss out, grab this book now!"
Angie Alt, CHC, NTC, and Mickey Trescott, NTP
Authors of The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook & bloggers behind Autoimmune Wellness
"What a fun cookbook! It features not only sweet but also savory ice creams. I love that idea. If you think the AIP is bland, tantalize your palate with: Bacon Ice Cream, Garlic Ice Cream, Smoked Salmon Ice Cream, Zucchini & Lime Sorbet, Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream, and so many more. Yes, please! Your ice cream maker won't ever be the same."
Eileen Laird
Author of The Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & blogger behind Phoenix Helix
"When I received my copy of Maria’s new ebook I became so quickly immersed in it, I didn’t look up until I’d read it from cover to cover. As someone who is forever looking for extra nutrients to put into my meals, I was delighted with the wide selection of both sweet and savoury ices, each one thought through to please the AIP community whilst nourishing it too. Maria’s creativity shines brightly here, and the reasoning behind the Avocado + Olive Oil Sorbet is stellar. Not only did Maria make an outstanding dessert but she balanced the quantities of the ingredients to achieve a perfect fatty acid ratio. If you’ll forgive the pun, how cool is that?"
bio pic FB
Kate Jay, NTP
Author of Healing Eats & Blogger behind Healing Family Eats
"Maria's gorgeously presented, allergy-friendly, 'Zesty Scoop' Cookbook will have you revisiting the way you look at ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt. Her innovative approach to flavours will inspire your creative juices. This cookbook is a unique celebration of healthy, colourful, and palate cleansing frozen goodies. We absolutely love it!"
Joanna Frankham & Emma King
Health coaches & bloggers behind Conscious Autoimmunity
"With her new book, "Zesty Scoop", Maria Krummen has created a masterpiece of creativity and refreshing deliciousness. Each recipe is neatly and perfectly packaged within the Autoimmune Protocol guidelines so you can feel free to indulge in each and every one!"
Sophie Van Tiggelen
Author of Simple French Paleo & blogger behind A Squirrel in the Kitchen
"Ice cream just grew up! This is more than a speciality cookbook; it’s a new way to approach cooking and eating in our healing kitchens. Maria helps us to re-imagine ice cream and learn how to use it to simplify our cooking and amplify the taste and the nutrient density of our food.  Healing spices and herbs; savory ice creams; ice creams with exciting, flavourful sauces; frozen yogurts: it’s all dairy-free, autoimmune protocol compliant & it’s all here in here in Zesty Scoop. I haven’t been so inspired to get into the kitchen in a long time. This cookbook is dazzling."
Petra Chambers-Sinclair
Author & blogger behind Biohack U